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My objective is to obtain a position working with an organization of dedicated and creative software professionals to build successful software that solves interesting engineering problems.

Technical Skills

Software Process: Waterfall, Rational Unified Process, Agile (scrum and kanban)
Concepts and Principals: OOD / OOP, SOA, Design Patterns, IOC, AOP, Continuous Integration, Refactoring, TDD, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Exploratory Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Continuous Delivery
Languages: C/C++, C++/CLI, C#, x86 Assembly, Java, Objective C, Basic, VisualBasic VB.Net, PASCAL, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, VBScript, Lingo, XML, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, JSON, Bash Script, WSH, PowerShell
API's, Libraries, and Frameworks: Win32, GDI, Sockets, COM, DCOM, MFC, ATL, DirectX, DirectShow, OFX, ISAPI, MAPI, MS Office Add-in, CGI, .Net, ASP, ASP.Net, MVC, WebAPI, Entity Framework, ODS, ODBC, RDS, OLEDB, ADO, ADO.Net, COM-Interop, .Net Remoting, .Net Custom Serialization, .Net Design Time, Windows Forms, Web Forms, WPF, NUnit, TypeMock, Windows Help, HTML Help, Windows Installer, Cocoa, Spring, Spring Security, Spring Remoting, Hibernate, JUnit, Jersey, Jackson, JAXB, JAXRS, JPA, Spring Android, Android Annotations, JDeferred, XSD, XSLT, SOAP Web Services, RESTful Services, Node.js, JQuery, JQueryUI, Bootstrap, Backbone, Marionette, Angular.js, Less
Development Lifecycle Tools: Visual C++, Visual C#, Eclipse, XCode, App Code, Cocoa Pods, Platform Builder, Visio, Rational Rose, Visual Interdev, Visual J++, Visual Basic, Visual Source Safe, Installshield, Subversion, RoboHelp, MS Project, XML Spy, UModel, Jira, GreenHopper, Rally, Pivotal Tracker, ReSharper, dotTrace, dotCover, Maven, Gradle, Android Studio, RPM, Yum, Final Builder, Ant, Grunt
Server Technologies: MS Sharepoint, MS ISA Server, MS IIS, MS Index Server, MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, MS Proxy Server, MS Site Server, Sybase SQL Server, MS SNA Server, Oracle, CISCO PIX, MySQL, HTTPD, VSFTP, Tomcat, KVM, AWS, CloudMine
Operating Environments: Windows 8, Windows 2012 Server, Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server, CentOS, Ubuntu, iOS, Android, Windows 200 Server, Windows 200 Professional , NT Server, NT Workstation, Windows CE, Windows ME, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, DOS, Novel Netware, Banyan Vines, VMS, AS400, Mac OS, Mac OSX


See project descriptions in the Written Applications section.

Arcweb - Philadelphia, PA
Software Architect
  • Provided architectural support across software projects, both object and service oriented architectures
  • Managed team and software lifecycle for software projects
  • Performed software project estimation
  • Mentored developers
  • Helped establish software process and practices
  • Performed data Modeling and implementation on SQL Server and Mongo DB
  • Performed general coding in C#, Objective C, Java, and JavaScript
Traffic.com, NAVTEQ, Nokia, Radiate Media - Wayne, PA , Malvern, PA
(NAVTEQ purchases Traffic.com 11/2006, Nokia purchases NAVTEQ 10/2007, Radiate Media Spun Off from Nokia 06/2012)

Principal Software Engineer 02/2013
  • Responsible for software standards for the Broadcast Media Division
  • Architected application services via a service oriented architecture for desktop, web based, and mobile traffic applications
  • Created security infrastructure for use by all service applications
  • Created company SharePoint intranet
  • Created file data file archival windows service for the archival of periodically produced data files
  • Wrote IMS traffic incident management RESTful service
  • Wrote UserProfile RESTful service
  • Wrote Framework Library
  • Wrote Cyrus XML traffic data feeds
  • Scrum master for application services team
Director of Software Engineering 06/2012
  • Directed Broadcast Media Division of 20 including 3 development teams, QA, and Support
  • Scrum master for 3 development teams
  • Established technology infrastructure for Radiate Media Spin Off
  • Established Broadcast Media Division for Radiate Media Spin Off
  • Provided technological due diligence for the establishment of the Radiate Media Spin Off
  • Created product architecture roadmap for the Radiate Media Spin Off
  • Responsible for hiring personnel to complete the Radiate Media Spin Off
Manager of Software Engineering 04/2011
  • Managed Broadcast Media Team of 12
  • Responsible for employee performance appraisals and growth planning
  • Responsible for team hiring
  • Responsible for reporting team status and success metrics
  • Created new hardware initiative saving the company 200K per year through analyzing build wait times compared to hardware cost
  • Responsible for acquisition of hardware and software
  • Responsible for overall technical direction of team products and roadmap
  • Facilitated the move to an agile development process, scrum for software engineering and kanban for digital art
  • Scrum master for Broadcast Media code team
Lead Software Engineer 03/2008
  • Architected the rewrite of the previous tv traffic reporting product to the new CommuteVantage product
  • Responsible for software standards for Broadcast Media team
  • Lead Broadcast Media Code Team of 5
  • Responsible for the creation and proof of concept of new product innovations
Senior Software Engineer 07/2006
  • Wrote and maintained the NeXgen and Jamcast tv traffic reporting products
Gigamoto Technology Partners, Inc. - Conshohocken, PA
Senior Software Engineer
  • Collaborated on the SQL Server database for pharmaceutical insurance coverage campaign system
  • Collaborated on Web Service for data access for pharmaceutical insurance coverage campaign system
  • Collaborated on MS InfoPath Web Service client for pharmaceutical insurance coverage campaign system
  • Wrote Reporting Service reports for pharmaceutical insurance coverage campaign system
  • Wrote stored procedures and Reporting Service reports for iPledge system.
  • Performed maintenance and updates of ASP.Net applications
  • Designed and implemented a Windows 2003 server network consisting of a forest root, two domain trees, a child domain, ISA Server 2004, PIX firewall, Exchange Server 2003, SQL Server 2005, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, and performed the migration from the former network.
Spitz, Inc. - Chadds Ford, PA
Senior Software Engineer and Network Administrator
  • Collaborated on building and administering the Windows NT / 2000 network consisting of NT / 2000 Server, Proxy Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Oracle, Veritas Backup Exec, and Network Associates Total Virus Solution.
  • Collaborated on the upgrade to the network to Windows 2003 Server, ISA Server, Exchange 2003
  • Wrote Company Intranet and Extranet. The sites were written with ASP.Net and C# were XHTML compliant and use ADO.Net to communicate with an SQL Server database
  • Wrote various support applications
  • Wrote Presentation Node of the Spitz InterAct System with PowerPoint plugin for dispaly theater chair input data
  • Built the operating system with kernel modifications, wrote device drivers , and wrote the applications or the Nomad Portable Control Console embedded device
  • Wrote Nomaditor Editor for programming the Nomad Console
  • Wrote SpitzPlayer video player for projecting video on the planetarium dome
  • Wrote TheaterServer theater control service with sockets, DCOM, and .Net Remoting interfaces
  • Managed Network Operations - Team of 2
CoreTech Consulting Group - King of Prussia, PA
Senior Constultant, Application Technologies Group
  • Consulting duties
  • Year 2000 Fixes for Citibank Corporation, NY, NY
  • For BBandT I was the senior developer for their web banking program based on CoreTech’s CoreDirect Product. Technologies employed were SQL, OFX, ADO, ASP, HTML, Java Script, VB Script, C / C++, Visual Basic, Java, MIFST, DCOM, Windows DNA – FS.
Actium Technologies - Conshohocken, PA
Senior Consultant, Internet Team
  • Consulting duties.
  • Edited Microsoft Developer Journal
  • Administered Microsoft Certified Solution Developers' Book Club
  • For Actium Corporate wrote Project Profile software for the company's Intranet. The system uses SQL, ODBC, ADO, RDS, ASP, Dynamic HTML, Active X, VBScript, JScript, C/C++, ODS API, and MAPI.
  • For PNC Bank wrote Internet Server Log Filter. This ISAPI DLL extended existing Internet Server logging by including user agent, referrer, and cookie information to the log files. The application was written in C using the Win32 and Internet Server API's.
  • For Tokai Financial Services, Inc. wrote Application Inquiry web system. The system uses ODBC, SQL, HTML, ASP, VBScript, and Java Script. In order to facilitate data access to the IBM AS/400. I became intimate with Microsoft SNA Server and general AS/400 connectivity issues.
  • For Tokai Financial Services, Inc. I co-authored a document outlining an applications architecture for distributed component based applications specific to the existing Tokai infrastructure. The document centered on my research into distributed computing, DCOM, fault tolerance, load distribution, and transaction management.
  • For PECO Energy - wrote PECO / NRCG Web based, project and material management system using C/C++, MFC, WIN32, ODBC, HTML, ASP, VBScript, and Java Script.
Component Software - Rocky Hill, NJ
Software Engineer
  • Wrote Win32 / MFC applications.
  • Laid the groundwork for bringing Internet connectivity in-house.
  • Wrote technical articles for Component managed Cobb Group Journals.
  • Performed web and phone based technical support duties.
  • Wired new offices for phone and network.
The Wellness Web - Villanova, PA
CIO and Software Engineer
  • Advise in all technical areas.
  • Write CGI and C/C++, MFC, ISAPI, and web based applications.
  • Built network domain utilizing NT Server, IIS, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Internet Locator Server, Usage Analyst Server, Index Server, and Commerce Server.
Professional Training Services - King of Prussia, PA
  • Performed technical support, via phone, for PTS clientele.
The Partnership Group, Inc. - Lansdale, PA
Network Operations Coordinator
  • Administered Novel NetWare LAN.
  • Maintained and upgraded the hardware and software of the 100+ PC network.
  • Performed in-house help desk and training duties.
ELf Atochem - King of Prussia, PA
  • Inventoried, backed up, and upgraded the workstations at the King of Prussia site.
Specialized Training Program - Eugene, OR
User Support Specialist
  • Wrote DOS applications in PASCAL for machine maintenance including antivirus.
  • Maintained and upgraded 100+ PC network.
  • Acted on the committee for new equipment purchases.
  • Gave continued training seminars on DOS, Windows, and assorted applications.
  • Performed in-house help desk duties.
  • Designed and implemented the company BBS.
US Healthcare - Blue Bell, PA
Network Technician
  • Maintained and upgraded 1000+ terminal network attached to IBM mainframe.
  • Ran, connected, and repaired network cabling (twisted pair, coax, twinax).
  • Repaired and replaced defective equipment


  • Villanova University, Villanova, PA
    BS Computer Science / MS Software Engineering (5 year program in progress, 3.8 GPA)
    Alpha Sigma Lambda
    Upsilon Pi Epsilon
  • Germantown Academy, Fort Washington, PA
    Class of 1987

Training and Certifications

  • Certified Scrum Master - Scrum Alliance Member 000118438 - 01/2011, NAVTEQ, Malvern, PA
  • Cultural Awareness, 11/2010, NAVTEQ, Malvern, PA
  • Management Excellence, 09/2010, NAVTEQ, Wayne, PA
  • Facilitating Successful Meetings, 11/2009, NAVTEQ, Wayne, PA
  • Effective Presentation Skills, 11/2009, NAVTEQ, Wayne, PA
  • Behavior Based Interviewing, 05/2008, NAVTEQ, Wayne, PA
  • ProIV Technical Environment, 04/2000, Pro-IV Consultants, Washington DC
  • Oracle Enterprise DBA Part 1A, 01/2000, Oracle Education Center, Berwyn, PA
  • Pro-IV Introduction to SuperLayer, 12/1999, Pro-IV Consultants, Washington, DC
  • Sybase’s Fast Track to SQL Server, 02/1997, Actium Corporation, Conshohocken, PA


  • Method and System for Adding Gadgets to a Traffic Report
    U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 12/399,763 - Filed 3/9/2009
  • Method and System for Transitioning Between Views in a Traffic Report
    U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 12/398,305 - Filed 3/5/2009
    European Patent 10250276.2 - 1232 - Filed 5/10/2010
  • Traffic Display Depicting View of Traffic from within a Vehicle
    U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 12/254,212 - Filed 10/20/2008
    European Patent 09252236.6 - 2215 - Filed 9/21/2009
  • Method and System for Providing a Realistic Environment for a Traffic Report
    U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 12/210,336 - Filed 9/15/2008
    European Patent 09252093.1 - 2215 - Filed 8/28/2009

Published Works

  • Windows NT 4 Workstation Unleashed, Sams Publishing, 1996 - Contributing Author
  • cc:Mail Insider, The Cobb Group, 1996 - Contributing Author


Available upon request.

Written Applications

Applications are listed in chronological order and are referenced in the experience section under the organizations for which they were created.

[Arcweb] TrafficCarma - Android, Java, Android Studio, Gradle, Proguard, Google Map, Android Annotations, Spring, JDeferred, Jackson, deCarta API

TrafficCarma is an app written for TrafficCast. It is a B2B2C, white - labelled, native android application. It provides traffic information for custom routes on Google maps, It does auto route detection and provides audible traffic information while driving. It facilitates the collection of traffic information and sharing amongst partners traffic watching communities. 

[Arcweb] DirecTV Lifeshield Administration Portal - HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, Angular.js, Web Sockets, Grunt

The DirecTV Lifeshield administration portal is the administration tool used by the engineering and customer support teams to develop and support their home security and automation products.  The application is a single page, Angular Javascript application which communicates to the service layer over HTTP Rest and Web Sockets.

[Arcweb] DirecTV Lifeshield Web Portal - HMTL, CSS, Javascipt, Node.js, Angular.js, Web Sockets, Grunt

The DirecTV Lifeshield web portal is the customer facing web interface into the DirecTV home security and automation service. The application is a single page, Angular Javascript application which communicates to the service layer over HTTP Rest and Web Sockets. A Grunt based application complication and deployment process is employed.

[Arcweb] Vetvance Veterinarian Resource Web Site - Microsoft MVC, ASP.Net, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular.js

The Vetvance veterinarian resources web site provides resources for veterinarians and veterinary students to further their careers through education, scholarships, and networking. The back end is SQL Server, IIS and Microsoft Microsoft MVC. The front end is HTML, Javascrict, CSS, and Angular. A Grunt based application complication and deployment process is employed.

[Arcweb] QTrak Mail Room Automation System - CloudMine, Node.js, Mongo DB, Objective C

The QTrak system provides mailroom automation and packaging tracking. It consists of an iOS application for iPhone and a supporting web site. The back end is Node.js and Mongo DB through CloudMine application services.

[Arcweb] WheelhouseEd - ASP.Net MVC Web API, SQL Server, Objective C

The WheelhouseEd system is an education system for the financial services industry allowing for the design and administering of online educational content. The application consists of a Web and iPad front end. The server tier is ASP.Net MVC Web API. It uses Entity Framework as the ORM layer into SQL Server.

[Radiate Media] IMS Rest Service - Java, Spring, XML, JSON, JAXRS, Jersey, Maven, RPM

The IMS rest service provides services around the storing and retrieving of traffic incidents. It is written in java utilizing Spring for IOC, AOP, and Security. Rest services support XML, JSON, and JSONP. Custom http filters where written to support CORS and the appropriate selection of XML, JSON, or JSONP based on calling parameters. TThe Jersy JAXRS implementation was used for the http rest handlers. Maven was used for build and RPM for deployment.

[Radiate Media] User Profile Rest Service - Java, Spring, XML, JSON, JAXRS, Jersey, JPA/Hibernate, MySQL, Maven, RPM

The UserProfile rest service provides services around the storing of user profile information for various applications. It is written in java utilizing Spring for IOC, AOP, and Security. Rest services support XML, JSON, and JSONP. Custom http filters where written to support CORS and the appropriate selection of XML, JSON, or JSONP based on calling parameters. The database used was MySQL using Hibernate JPA for data access. The Jersy JAXRS implementation was used for the http rest handlers. Spring Remoting was employed for remote vm access. Maven was used for build and RPM for delployment.

[Radiate Media] Framework Library - Java, Spring, XML, JAXB, JAXRS, Jersey, Maven, RPM

The framework library is a support library that provides functionality across RESTful service applications. It contains http filters that support the manipulation of headers for processing security information, supporting CORS (cross origin resource sharing), and for supporting the Jersey libraries selection of the appropriate return format (XML, JSON, or JSONP). It contains a collection of java template based base classes for supporting crud operations accessing data through hibernate JPA.

[Radiate Media] Cyrus Feeds - Java, Spring, XML, JAXB, JAXRS, Jersey, Maven, RPM

The Cyrus feeds are a series of XML feeds providing traffic data to the CommuteVantage Traffic Reporting System. They are written in Java utilizing Spring, XML, JAXB and Jersey / JAXRS. Maven is used for build and they are deployed as RPM

[NAVTEQ / Traffic.com] CommuteVantage Traffic Reporting Software - C++, C++ / CLI, C#, XML, XSD, XSLT, COM, ATL, DirectX, DirectShow, Gamebryo, WinForms, .Net Custom Serialization, ADO.Net, TELNET, HTTP

CommuteVantage is an application for creating traffic reports primarily for the television industry. It is employed by TV stations in most major metropolitan areas in the United States. Live traffic data is consumed as XML and exposed to the application through ADO.Net. A WinForms UI written in C# provides a design time to the traffic producer to create a traffic report. The traffic report is displayed through a presentation / animation layer written in C++ / CLI utilizing Gamebryo gaming middleware and DirectX. On air presentation is in a full screen DirectX window. A video subsystem brings in live traffic video as frames into the 3D rendering pipeline via DirectShow with a custom Allocator / Presenter written in C++ with ATL. The application implements full undo / redo through a comprehensive command pattern. It also has document serialization implemented through custom .Net serialization. Documents are fully backward compatible across versions. 

[Gigamoto Technology Partners] Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage Campaign System - SQL Server Database, Web Service, InfoPath Client, Reporting Services, ASP.Net

This system manages campaigns to gain acceptance by health insurance providers for a given drug. The system uses SQL Server to house data, a web service written in C# for client access to the data, and a client written as an InfoPath form. Administration of the system is done through an administration web site created with ASP.Net. Reports for system data are served by SQL Server Reporting Services.

[Spitz] Theater Server - Windows Service - C# - .Net Remoting - COM Interop - Sockets

Spitz Theater Server is a windows service, written in C#, that provides planetarium and theater device control to various control devices. It has interfaces into system services through .Net Remoting, DCOM, and Sockets.

[Spitz] SpitzPlayer - C# - .Net - .Net Remoting - Windows Forms - COM Interop - C++ - ATL - COM - DirectShow - Direct 3D - Sockets

SpitzPlayer is a two part application. The server piece exposes services for playing any type of media for which there is a codec installed. It also provides control over sound devices on the local machine as well as control of a third party astronomical program through sockets. The full screen video window will fade in and out of other software that might be in the foreground to provide a seamless viewing experience. The server piece is written in C++ with the ATL and uses DCOM as its primary interface into the application. DirectShow using VMR9 with a custom allocator - presenter is used for video playback.

The client piece was written in C# with windows forms and uses COM Interop to talk to the server out of process or remotely. It provides access to all functionality of the server and manages a play list of media. All settings are stored through .Net binary serialization. The client uses .Net Remoting to talk to instances of itself to handle external launching of media to the play list.

[Spitz] Nomaditor (Nomad Editor) - C# - .Net - .Net Remoting - Windows Forms - COM Interop - .Net Design Time Environment

Nomaditor is an application for programming the Nomad Portable Control Console. Nomaditor provides a graphical interface for creating Nomad documents. The application is written in C# and uses COM interop to talk to Nomad. The application is comprised of four modules, an .exe to coordinate application functionality, a data .dll which houses the application's data object tree, an interface .dll which houses the application interface object tree, and a controls .dll which houses controls designed for Nomaditor's extensible controls architecture hosted in the .Net design time environment. The .Net collections based object trees of each module are exposed through .Net binary remoting.

[Spitz] Nomad Portable Control Console - Assembly Language - C - C++ - ATL - COM - ActiveX - XML - WIndows CE Platform Builder

The Nomad portable control console is a Windows CE 4 based, embedded, real-time device consisting of a series of tactile controls as well as a touch screen for the display of virtual controls. The tactile and virtual controls can be user mapped to control any device in a Spitz Theater. Together, an electrical engineer and I designed and built Nomad.

The software system consists of three major parts, the operating system, the driver, and the application. The operating system is a custom build of Windows CE 4 which was built with Platform Builder. Along with creating the build, OS kernel modifications were made to support interrupt processing of custom hardware. Kernel level code was written in C and Assembly Language.

The driver is a windows CE stream device driver that contains a control loop for all custom hardware, including custom motor control and A to D filtering algorithms, as well as an interface into the hardware for software applications. The driver was written in C++ and Assembly. The driver controls the following tactile controls:

  • Motorized Faders
  • Pushbutton Encoder Knobs
  • 16 Button Array of Lcd Pushbutton with 24x36 pixel readout and 12 backlight variations
  • 2 Axis Joystick with pushbutton

The application was written C++ utilizing ATL, DCOM, ActiveX controls, and uses an XML based document type. The application facilitates the layout of software controls and the mapping of the sofware and hardware controls to the hardware devices that Nomad controls.

[Spitz] InterAct (Presentation Node) - C++ - ATL - COM - ActiveX - MS Office Add-in - HTML Help

The InterAct system consists of a planetarium or theater populated with chairs with attached user interaction buttons. Users press buttons on their chairs in response to activities taking place in the theater. The presentation node allows show designers to create interactive PowerPoint presentations that read and display audience input in real time. The application consists of an Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint that was written in C++ and ATL implementing the IDTExtensibility2 interface and syncing with the PowerPoint events. The add-in provides a custom menu in PowerPoint that is the central point for application organization. A suite of ActiveX controls, also written in C++ and ATL allow presentation designers to display audience input in their presentations. Worker threads in the ActiveX controls are spawned to poll user input chairs and then display their results on the active PowerPoint slide. The application has context sensitive help written in HTML help.

[Spitz] Intranet and Extranet - C# - ASP.Net - XHTML - ADO.Net - SQL

The Intranet is a web site application that provides internal resources to employees. The Extranet is an external site for collaboration with company partners. The sites were written XHTML compliant. Style sheets were used to maintain a common look and feel. ASP.Net and C# were used to generate XHML dynamically to form the sites' uniform navigation system. ADO.Net was used to communicate back to SQL Server databases.

[CoreTech] BBandT Web Banking Product – Windows DNA / FS – MIFST – OFX – SQL/ODBC/ADO – HTML/ASP – VBScript / JavaScript – C++ / Java / Visual Basic – DCOM.

A web based product that provides services for Internet banking. The system uses the Microsoft Financial System Toolkit, OFX financial specification, and our DCOM based encapsulation of said technologies to provide for web based online banking. The application is a browser independent application using some small Java applets when standard HTML would not suffice. On the server side IIS along with ASP and custom active server components provide for communication with OFX middle-ware partner Intellidata as well as HTML rendering. Server side scripting was done in VBScript and client side scripting was done in JavaScript. Active Server components were written in C++ and Visual Basic.

[Actium] ActiumX Project Profile - DHTML/ASP - VBScript / JScript - SQL/ODBC/RDS/ADO – C/C++/ODS API/MAPI

A web based system serving data from Microsoft SQL Server. A combination of SQL, OBDC, ADO, and RDS are used for data access. Active Server Pages (ASP), Dynamic HTML, and ActiveX are used to create the interface with a combination of VBScript and JScript. The system provides entry and viewing of past and ongoing projects in a case study format. For importing pertinent data that’s primary location is Microsoft Exchange, I wrote a SQL Server extended stored procedure with the ODS API that utilizes MAPI to query all given information from the Exchange global address list.

[Actium] PNC Bank - Internet Server Log Filter - C/ Win32/ISAPI

An Internet Server API Filter Application which handles the logging features of Microsoft Internet Server. The application extends existing logging by adding user agent, referrer, and cookie information to the log file. The filter is written in C using the Win32 and Internet Server API's.

[Actium] Tokai Financial Services Application Inquiry Web System - HTML/ASP - VBScript/JScript - SQL/ODBC/ADO

A web based system serving data from an IBM AS/400. A combination of SQL, ODBC, and ADO are used for data access. Active Server Pages (ASP) are used to create the interface with VBScript on the server side and JScript on the client side.

[Actium] PECO / NRCG Web System - HTML/ASP - VBScript/JScript - SQL/ODBC/ADO – C/C++ - Win32/MFC

A web based system that does project, material, and inventory management. The system uses a web-based interface accessing a SQL database. Active Server Pages (ASP) are used for user interaction with VBScript on the server side and JScript on the client side. A C/C++ program using WIN32, MFC, and ODBC migrates data from a DB2 mainframe to the web based system.

[Component Software] DBTools - C/C++ - Win32 / MFC

A Win32 / MFC application which checks the validity of an NDX file (dBaseIII index file). DBTools validates the NDX header information and does a byte by byte comparison against a control index created by dBaseIII. All output is sent to a CEditView based class called CReport that provides a public, text stream member for use in the various testing routines. All test routine dialogs use a CProgress control to indicate a test's progress.

[Wellness Web] HPOrders - C/C++ - Win32 / MFC - ISAPI

An Internet Server Extension application, HPOrders (heart product orders) takes order information from a web page, tallies the information and returns a confirmation request page. Upon confirmation, HPOrders emails the appropriate distributors with the pertinent order information.

[Wellness Web] WebTools - C/C++ - Win32 / MFC

A Win32 / MFC application which institutes three tools for web site management, Index Site creates an HTML file containing a tree of hyperlinks to all pages and images in a given site. Fix Local Links fixes all broken hyperlinks in a given path and outputs a text file listing links that couldn't be resolved. Change Reference changes all references to a given link to another given link within a given path.

[Wellness Web] The Shaggy Dog - C/C++ - UNIX CGI

A CGI application written for the UNIX environment, the application uses an HTML form to provide a forum for threaded dialog on a given subject. Shaggy Dog is ANSI C compliant for portability.

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