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help Help

The help section provides explanations of site navigation, features, and technologies employed.

Site Window

The site window, pictured below, provides for navigation throughout the site. It will be present in one form or another on every page in the site.

Click on a section of the site window image to go to a description of that section

Staus bar Google search Quick links Content pane Tree pane Show printable Move right Move left Toggle tree Button bar Menu bar Title bar sitewindow

Title Bar

The title bar displays the title of the site.

Menu Bar

The menu bar displays a top level menu for site navigation. By selecting one of the menu items you will navigate to the main site section with that name.

Button Bar

The button bar provides push buttons for performing common site actions.

Toggle Tree Button

Pressing the toggle tree button will hide or show the tree pane.

Move Splitter Left Button

Pressing the move splitter left button will move the splitter bar to the left making the tree pane smaller and the contents pane larger.

Move Splitter Right Button

Pressing the move splitter right button will move the splitter bar to the right makeing the tree pane larger and the contents pane smaller.

Show Printable Button

Pressing the show printable button will hide everything but the contents of the page. This view is ideal for printing a page. Refresh the page in your browser to return the page to its default view.

Tree Pane

The tree pane provides a hierarchical tree of link nodes. Click on the icon next to an entry to collapse or expand a node.

Content Pane

The content pane contains the primary content for a given page.

Status Bar

The status bar is the bar at the bottom of the site window. The bar contains quick links and a google search feature.


Quick links provide icons that represent links to useful web sites.

Google Search

The google search feature allows you to search for information via the google search service. The drop down list allows you to select to search the web content, usenet group archives, images, or global news resources.


This site contains a search section available through the main menu. The search section provides the ability to search the content on this site and provides links to other web search services.


From a client perspective this site is compliant with the W3C standards for XHTML, CSS, and DOM.



From a server perspective the site runs on Microsoft IIS and employs ASP.Net 2.0.

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